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Background information:
Samantha Madrid (Psychic/Medium)
~Clairvoyant, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Space Cleanser, Advanced Magical Practitioner

Samantha Madrid is a native New Mexican. Gifted beyond her years, Samantha incorporates Oracle Cards into her readings to bring insight and clarity into your current circumstances or concerns about career, love, money, health and relationships. As a medium, she also has the ability to help you connect with spirits in order to provide you with healing, peace, or closure.

A gifted Psychic Medium, Samantha has quickly made a name for herself amidst the metaphysical community after having been featured on the radio, working with celebrities, hosting public events, and working with clients all across the US. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Samantha has always had a strong connection to spirits. When asked when her first time seeing a spirit was,she said, “I can’t remember a time not seeing spirits, I guess this gift has always been a part of me”. At the age of 5 is when she realized that what she was seeing were actually spirits and that they were not visible to other people.

“When I was 5, I was at my great-great-grandmother’s funeral and I just remember her standing there looking over her body. It was weird, she was younger, but I could just tell it was her. I remember trying to tell my mom she was there, but she dismissed it. It was in that moment I realized no one else could see her.”
As she grew, so did her abilities. In high school, her abilities of precognition shocked not only her, but her friends as well. People would come to her for advice and return days later in awe of how she was able to foresee the events that unfolded.

After graduating college, Samantha went to work at UNM hospital. Being a psychic in this type of environment was challenging. The abundance of spirits, visions of death, and energetic chaos caused by all the patients took a physical and emotional toll on her. However, with the help of her guides and teachers, she learned to manage all the chaos and was able to use her gifts to aid her in the medical field.
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