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In 2009, Samanthaís path led her to becoming a professional psychic. She has since worked as a reader at a local metaphysical shop and does on call readings out of her house, establishing herself as a reputable psychic. In late 2013, Samantha founded her own business, Sakrid Moon Starting from her home office near Old Town Albuquerque, NM she created a place where a connection was achieved. This connection allows her to feel past, present and future possibilities.

ďAs a psychic, people often want to know what you can do. I find this question hard to answer because each experience is different from the last. Yes I am a medium, but I donít call down your loved ones, they show up when and if they want to and I just deliver the message. Yes I am clairvoyant, but my visions also have aspects of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and things I canít even explain. So, I find it easier just to say psychic and go from there.Ē
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